Lucas Flamefly • Sao Paulo (Bra)


There are very few DJs inside the gay circuit world that were able to stablish a name and a recognizable identity throughout the years and among so many talents.. In this very limited group of Top DJs worldwide known, LUCAS FLAMEFLY made his way as one of the most versatile, skilled and dedicated to the crowd DJs of this generation. No wonder he is a constant presence in some of the world’s best parties and festivals. 

LUCAS FLAMEFLY started his professional career in 2012 when he debuted in Madrid’s main weekly gay party “KLUSTER”. But his relation with house music started way before when he was just a teenager in his hometown back in Brazil, publishing bootleg remixes of popular songs that caught DJs attention back then.


Due to his particular style of blending tribal tunes, strong bass bases, big anthems and outstanding buildups in his sets, Lucas Flamefly has developed a solid career in the gay circuit worldwide, headlining events in more than 20 countries, from New York to Sao Paulo, Mykonos to Australia and so on.


Lucas Flamefly is known for his professionalism and versatility working with some of the most relevant party labels of the circuit scene: He is an official Resident DJ of “WE PARTY” , the biggest global party machine based in Spain that created the main events of Madrid World Pride in 2017 and the main party at New York World Pride in 2019, just to start with.


He is also known to be one of Xlsior Mykonos’s all time favorite artists, being presented in every edition of the festival since 2015. Also, he is one of the official resident DJs of the club "TRUMPS" in Lisbon, a landmark club running over 30 years, having hosted in his DJ booth some of the greatest names of the gay scene throughout the years. 


He has lit up the dancefloors like million “Fireflies” (that’s where his alias FLAMEFLY comes from) all over the world: Brazil’s almighty “THE WEEK”, Los Angeles “GPS”, London’s “BEYOND”, Paris “GIBUS”, NYC “TRADE”, Beirut “POSH”, Chicago “Hydrate” , Buenos Aires “VIVA”, San Diego’s “OVERDRIVE” and Berlin “SALVATION” just to mention a few. Such popularity led him to be chosen as one of the International DJs of Miami’s favorite WINTERPARTY FESTIVAL ‘19.


His identity as a DJ can be seen in his music creation, having his remixes being played all over the world for some of the top DJs out there. Some of his most popular Remixes includes Linkin Park’s “In The End”, Camila Cabello “Never Be The Same” and the original Mix “Too Good At Goodbyes”.


As he used to say: "You connect with your crowd and you tell them a story, full of surprises, drama, action and joy. This is how I feel everytime I press play on the CDJ! "

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