DJ Alexio - Berlin (DE)


Federico Maniscalco aka DJ AleXio was born on 14/09/1988 in Tagliacozzo in Italy. Very soon he discovered his love to the music particularly for house music with a focus on progressive and tribal.


His first club experience was at the CK Studio in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. now being considred in which he soon became the resident DJ. He impressed with his style especcially the two very successful Clubevents "Killer Cow" and "Pleasure XXX".

Meanwhile he plays in all important clubs in Europe, like GMF Berlin, Splash Roma, Ahh Club Zurich, 136 Grad Hamburg, The Circus Vienna, Gay Röhre Stuttgart, Connection Berlin, OMG Party Prag. Hustlaball Closing Party. La Troya Party Cocoon Frankfurt, Bel Ami Club Mannheim, The Block Party Bologna. Prince 72 Club Berlin, The Fatm Milano, Club Berlin, Propaganda Berlin (Goya), Poznan HAH Club, Luzern Loft Club, 4-Hunks Party Kit Kat Club. Revolver Party and the story will go on...

In Fall 2014 he will have his first performances in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

He got the first international attention with his nomination to the best DJ's performed by Maximum Music Experience.


Federico aka DJ AleXio is not only young and incredibly attrative, but also a DJ who always the pulse grooves at the time

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